About me

You want to know what about who?

Ok so I will be honest I hate this question and probably fail miserably on it during a job interview. About a year or so ago I wrote a blog post that I think did a good job at summing me up.

Here is a piece of it that I think still holds true.

I am not totally sure there is a single description that fits who I am. Many years ago I would have told you I am a software developer.

Then came my daughter which I guess made me a software developer and a dad.

A year or so after a divorce from my daughters mother I meet my current wife (been together over 10 years now) and with her son and then later our son together (he is 5 years old) I became a software developer, dad, step-dad and husband. Then if you couple with that my interest in business, politics and investing you maybe get a slight glimpse of who or what I am.

Marry all that together throw in some “seasoning” toss it in the oven at 350 degrees for a lifetime and you get the person that I am today… not really sure how to describe me because at times I don’t even know who I am.

Ok so that is about it... If you want to reach out you can contact me here.