All of the feedback I have received since starting on this has been great .

Initially this was only intended to be article but all the input lead me to put together this web site to further expand it's reach and to appease that nagging voice in the back of my mind that more needs to be done. I still have more planned and I always willing to take in new ideas. I can guarantee if you have an idea for an improvement it will get added over time.

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Documentation for all the new features is complete. This time it went much faster than I was planning mostly because I knew I had to plans another article about all the updates.

After months of planning I finally sat down and implemented the list of new features and bug fixes. In typical fashion with this project I sat down with work in hand and found it very difficult to turn away from the code.

Again I think most normal people would have stopped there. I liked my idea and had two months previous written an article based on a jQuery control I wrote to make a site developed with 960.gs responsive.

Since I enjoyed writing that article so much I thought why not do it again? So I set out and wrote the following:

jQuery UI Alerts Dialog using ThemeRollers

In the process of writting the article I cleaned up the code, made some adjustments and came up with what exists today.

I think most normal people would have stopped there, however, I had this nagging thought in my mind.

What about the other javascript dialog popups?

Ok so maybe I am a dork, nerd or a geek but I actually lost sleep on a Friday night because of this. The code to implement it all kept running through my mind. Well that following weeked I closed the door to my home office and put together much of what exists today.

Special thanks goes out to my wife for explaining to the kids that Dad was not to be bothered that weekend.

The idea was simple.

I wanted a dialog popup so that when I received an ajax error I could display the error information. In my case I knew that the error information would contain stack and other bits of kewl information from the server.

What I wasn't impressed with was the javascript alert dialog because it didn't fit in with the web sites theme. So I looked around but couldn't really find anything that fit my needs which led me to creating a method so that I could do an alert box but have it retain the theme specified by jQuery UI.

The old code is not around but as I recall it ended up looking something like: